LLB - 3 Year Course

The 3 year Law Course (LLB) is a 6 semester full time course. On completion of the three year course, i.e. after the 6th semester, the LLB Degree is awarded. Students who desire to study law, but do not wish to practice as advocates, can pursue LLB (General) Degree at the end of the 2nd year i.e. after the 4th Semester. They are, however, not eligible to practice as advocates.

LLB - 5 Year Course

The 5 years Law Course, leading to BLS LLB, is a 10 semester full time course. The First and Second Year of the Five Year Course, i.e. 1st to 4th semester, are termed as ‘Pre-Law Courses’. The Students of the Five Year Degree program are awarded the Bachelor of Legal Science Degree (BLS), at the end of the Third Year (Sixth Semester) and on completion of five years upto the 10th semester, the LLB Degree is conferred.

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